Friday, 4 September 2015

Oh, blast it, I don't know. I don't have the time to put into these posts. I simply have no interest to think up anything worth putting in. Where's the new animal? You don't even have to answer that. All the new animals are for members and are in the Diamond Shop.
Animal Jam seems to be gearing itself towards really young children. I suppose that's what happens in this day and age, with parents giving their baby a tablet or phone to play on while they're being wheeled around the park in a pushchair. But does the art really have to be modified? Look at the lynxes. Just look at them. Look at, as I've mentioned, the trees. Look at every dratted thing.
I suppose I'll still go on, and post, but mostly just to complain.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

SW, LG and DF

Meep Jammers!

Sorry for the late post, the new item wasn't anywhere around so I assumed it was in the Back-To-School Party, and so it was. Well, the three new items. I expect some of them came out a few days ago and no one noticed.

Oh, look, proper trees in it. I wonder where they came from. *hiss*

Ah, something non-member! A nice item, though rather shiny, and of course which shows America.

And today's item, the drinking fountain! Ouais, pas mal. As far as drinking fountains go, it's quite nice.

I'm afraid I have to go now, sorry for another short post. I'll have a giveaway soon. Of course that makes up for it? *smiles winningly*

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Aster and Aster Bouquet

Meep Jammers!

Two new items today - the Aster, and Aster Bouquet in Treetop Gardens.

 Quite nice, and I'm glad AJHQ made one for non-members (even if it really is just one)...perhaps there could have been a change-colour option, though?

Sorry for this short (and late) post, but I have to go now.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Rare Square Glasses

Meep Jammers!

I guess I'll continue posting, for now at least. It's just really...disappointing, the way Animal Jam's turning out. It was so promising, when I first joined. But that's games for you, I suppose.

Anyway, today's Monday Rare is/are the Rare Square Glasses in (surprise, surprise) Jam Mart Clothing.
Well, well, well, they're not green-blue-purple! That's certainly an improvement, although it is another re-colour. And, compared to some other RIMs, they're not too bad in price. But, as my sister said, I wouldn't buy a membership to be able to get those! AJHQ should do their marketing more carefully...make some old rare items return, make the member RIM items more interesting. Most member items aren't more interesting or nice than non-member ones, there are just more of them.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Epic Train Set

Meep Jammers!

Today's new item is the Epic Train Set, for sale in Epic Wonders!
This set is nice :3 I wonder how big it is. And of course it's a pity it's for members only.

I'm afraid I'm sort of losing interest in this. I only go on Animal Jam to post on here, and posting on here...well, what's the point? I can't find a way to make my posts interesting (just the usual here-is-the-daily-item-ugh-it's-member stuff). Why read my blog as opposed to, say, Snowyclaw's or Meloetta385's? Snowy's posts the daily item, Mel's posts the daily item plus some more interesting stuff.
And, anyway, no one reads this blog :P
As for Animal Jam, it's just going downhill. The new items in Jam Mart Furniture all seem to be part of a set, everything's loads more expensive, everything's for members, the rare items are just (rubbish) re-colours, the new parties and adventures all have the same sort of style, the alphas are rather's simply gone like every other game. At first you could learn new facts about nature and it was, well, nature-orientated! Now if you've played Best Guess or Temple of Trivia a couple of times, you know all that! It's all about the adventures or rare items. The buddy list is only to keep track of those rare people you want to trade with. Like I said, it's just going downhill.